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First friendly of the season - Wherwell (Home)

Wonderful start to the church’s campaign this lovely Saturday.

Whitchurch batted first with Jack Dancer & Ollie Freemantle taking to the crease. A tough start with Whitchurch being 15-0 off of 8 overs. The 2 ramped it up after seeing the openers off. A wonderful first wicket partnership of 114 was ended when Freemantle fell for 48 off of 73 balls in a very mature. He was swiftly followed by Alex ‘Yoda’ Mitchell. Mitch played a fantastic role to support Jack adding another 42 with an unbroken partnership of 143.

Jack ended the innings with 114* in a glorious display. With 0 off of 22 balls the crowd questioned Jack’s style. He proved all the punters wrong, ending with a strike rate of 100.0 with 114 off of 114. Whitchurch ending with 251 runs on the board for just the 1 wicket. A fantastic display from the church.

Commence the bowling display. And would it be any worse than the fantastic batting display? Of course not. Sam Dancer started the fine innings taking 2 quick wickets with some stunning deliveries. Sam ending with fine figures of 2-45 from his 8 overs. Swiftly followed by the mighty Nigel Marriott. 3 wickets for 32 runs on a fine return from the lizard. We were in a sticky position with Wherwell getting to 150 for 7. The game was still on. Step forward Jack Dancer. We don’t know why he’s this good. You look at Martyn and you think yeah he’d be an okay cricketer because your dads pretty average. But he’s not. He is seducing in his bowling. Sensual in his batting. Like a young Peter Andre in the mysterious girl video. 2 wickets for Jack to take the game for Whitchurch. Winning by a solid 45 runs against a team a division above us.

Man of the match - if you’ve read the report you can probably work that out.

We’re back at the beautiful parsonage next week to play Berkshire royals in our final friendly before the season.

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